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Disparity between poor and rich; positive healthcare outcomes

If not you, who? If not now, when?

I've been having some discussions regarding healthcare, two-tier, and

Private vs. publicly funded healthcare: two-tier?

What with the numerous Barriers to health care having elite physicians, Concierge Healthcare and these doctors limiting their practice, this cannot be good for Canadians.
Initiatives such as putting videocams in LTC miss the point. We must ensure that all get excellent care, at all stages of their lives.
From nurse managers, to PSWs, to behind the scenes staff. We are all responsible in ensuring that healthcare is delivered to all, with dignity and respect, aside from your income level.

I'm not the only one who recognizes that there are barriers to getting exemplary healthcare and having positive healthcare outcomes.

Healthcare Providers to Hold Forum on the Crisis in Health Outcomes for the Poor in Ontario
TORONTO, Sept. 8, 2011 /CNW/ - The 2 day conference is sponsored by Healthcare Practitioners Against Poverty, the Ontario Nurses Association, the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and many other organizations.

The face of poverty and addiction.
This forum will explore the impact of Ontario's very low rates of social assistance and the impact of the recent cancellation of the special diet allowance, which leave hundreds of thousands of citizens, many of them disabled and children, without adequate food or other necessities of life.

Income levels directly relate to rates of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. The cancellation of the special diet allowance will have a serious impact on health outcomes and mortality rates.

Amid devastating cuts to healthcare and social assistance programs, food prices and energy and transportation costs keep rising. Poor and disadvantaged people who are not able to purchase nutritious food and medicine will develop chronic illnesses.

 Province denies special diet help
Sep 08, 2011 04:00 am
The Ministry of Community and Social Services has decided - against the recommendations of its own panel of health professionals - that some people who have muscular dystrophy and weight-loss issues will no longer receive the special diet allowance.

Supporting the disadvantaged benefits us all. We save, by preventing ill health. We know the importance of eating properly while taking particular medications, for example.

But supporting those who cannot support themselves, requires a strong tax base.
Then there is the rich, some who don't choose to pay taxes. President Obama is fighting for the very rich to pay their fair share. Tax breaks for big corporations, tax deductions for those in the million dollar income range, violates my sense of ensuring that we look after one another. Most of my hospice clients are not well off. They cannot afford extra care. They cannot afford to have a spouse stay home to act as caregiver.

Then there are the politicians who rant against taxation. MPP salaries are over $100,000. My MPP e-mailed once about his constituents complaining about healthcare. I told him most do not complain and consider themselves fortunate to live in Ontario.

My local MPP, running for election isspreading his word about his 'liberty' campaign []. Liberty to sit beside a lake, and hustle for campaign contributions.

Apparently, this means liberty from paying taxes, or following the laws of the land. He, through Hudak's 'change' campaign, wants to put more money into taxpayers pockets. This totally shocks me, and yet it doesn't. He and his libertarian, tea party friends, want to set us back 200 years to a time when the rich look after themselves and the poor are left penniless.

Those  who need the most don't make enough money to pay taxes. Yes, they have subsidies for some healthcare needs, but they are meager. When it comes down to rent vs. balanced nutrition...

If we all give something, we will save money in the long run. My MPP, Randy Hillier, fights government control. The government placed two liens on his property, one for $9,017, the other $5,863. According to

CTV News:

Documents show Hillier in tax dispute with CRA

Hillier, who is seeking re-election in Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington, is a politician who is never boring and always blunt. He staged a two-day sit-in at the provincial legislature in December 2009 over the lack of public hearings on the HST. 
Documents from the provincial land registry, which are available to the public, show the government placed two liens on property owned by Hillier and his wife more than a year ago.

In 2009, Hillier and Scott Reid, a bromance created through politics,  co-founded the Lanark Society for the Advancement of Democracy, Property and the Common Law, which is intended "to help elected officials of a libertarian or classical liberal bent to take 'projects to expand the cause of freedom' beyond the conceptual stage."

Under Hillier's leadership, the landowners groups initially engaged in acts of civil disobedience: blocking highways, barricading government offices, staging illegal deer hunts, and publicly breaking laws that the Landowners regarded as unjust. [6]

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