Monday, August 1, 2011

Physicians in long-term care, not really there

I wrote about this type of thing in my book: 3mos to get pain Rx for dad in LTC.
I fought to get him pain meds, and it was the Charge Nurse who chose to call to not call the doctor.
The last few days of my Dad's life, I phoned the doctor five times. Eventually, he was given morphine.
I reported the physician to the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Nursing home gave Tylenol to resident with broken leg


Walkom: Ontario’s scandalous non-care for the elderly

A doctor can earn $97.20 per resident from OHIP by visiting a nursing home just twice a month and checking the medical status of his or her patients. In a 100-bed institution, this works out to $9,720 for two days work.But if that same doctor makes a house-call to see just one patient, he earns only $56.40 — which may barely cover the cost of gasoline.

The physicians regularly visit patients, doing rounds with the nurse, sometimes while I would be feeding my dad. They are visited without a family member present. In my Dad's LTC, 90% of them had family members with Power of Attorney.

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