Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good news for hospices in Ottawa

Hospice funding is an important part of our systemic approach to healthcare in Ontario.
I cannot help but be cynical, in this an Ontario provincial election year. That said, these are excellent facilities in eastern Ontario.

Added funds provide 'much-needed stability'

 Ontario government announced Friday that it's increasing funding to two Ottawa hospices by nearly $450,000 to help pay for expanded nursing and personal care services.
The Hospice at May Court on Cameron Avenue will get an extra $270,000 a year, a 50-per-cent increase in the current level of provincial funding.
And Roger's House, which provides end-of-life care to terminally ill children, will get an increase of $179,500 a year.
It currently receives nearly $900,000 in annual support from the provincial government.
The two hospices had asked for additional funding because the needs of their patients are becoming increasingly complex.

Hospice beds $400 vs. $1000/day hospital

Feb., 2011  LHIN approves more hospice beds
LHINS are an important part of Ontario healthcare. It allows regional boards to determine the needs of a local community, rather than being dictated to by the province.
Some disparage the LHINs, claiming they cost $300 million to run, but this is not true. Those were the initial start-up costs.

USA For-profit Hospices

For-profit hospices select patients who require less care, study shows

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