Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CHARLOTTE and a story of community, caring and healthcare

How tragic. A seriously ill newborn, a home broken into. My mother's child was born this way, but it died. Hence, the reason for us to be adopted. Many years ago, the technology was not there for treatment and recovery. I am very thankful to live in Ontario.

What speaks to me is how this marvellous family has taken the time to write and speak of the fabulous treatment by all of the staff members at Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). Too often we look for the mistakes, the errors, the apparent lack of care and concern by healthcare workers. We seldom take the time that this family has taken to record exemplary care.
Of course, those who treat healthcare staff with dignity and respect get it back in return. Too many are belligerent, demanding, and expect to be first in line. Many misunderstand or rail against the Emergency Room protocols, and the triage system.

The love and generosity of spirit I have seen in this province assures me that we can work to improve the system. It assures me that the system is not broken. When all give 100%, we all benefit.

Please read their full story here:

A mother’s heartfelt thanks

I wanted to comment on the article recently published on ottawacitizen.com, regarding the break-in at our home and the health challenges our daughter Charlotte has been facing.
Each doctor and nurse we’ve had the good fortune to meet has demonstrated that they are invested in our family’s well being far beyond the call of duty. Since Charlotte was born, we have been constantly treated with the utmost compassion and tireless dedication, and for this we could not be more grateful. We are astounded day after day by the quality of care all three of us receive there and what a great blessing it is to have a resource like CHEO in our home city.

Chris and Melanie Eldridge

Update: Community rallies to help family of Baby Charlotte

The story of Baby Charlotte and her parents, Melannie and Chris Eldridge, has touched a nerve in the community.

Charlotte was born on Aug. 18 with a condition called omphalocele, in which her liver and other organs were protruding from her body. Though the condition has a high survival rate, Charlotte has many complications making her fight a hard one.
In an e-mail to the Citizen early Tuesday, Melannie expressed her gratitude for the words of support from “literally hundreds of people” who have heard their story, a story that has spread rapidly after being posted on ottawacitizen.com Monday night.
And she had special praise for CHEO staff.

Chris and Melanie Eldridge have been spending every day at CHEO since the birth of their daughter, Charlotte, on Aug. 18. Charlotte was born with organs outside her body. While they were at the hospital, someone broke into their home and stole everything of value.'

Do you understand what you did?'

While Melannie and Chris Eldridge watched their nine-day-old baby fight for her life in the hospital Saturday, someone broke into their house, rifled through their possessions, stole virtually everything of value, and left in shambles the room the couple prays they can one day bring their baby home to.

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