Thursday, July 14, 2011

Video cameras in long-term care and retirement homes

In 2009 we learned about the story of Janet Brumell, who had placed a hidden camera in her mother's room at the Longworth Retirement Residence in London, Ont.

It caught her mother, 88-year-old Jean Holden, falling to the ground, an event the family would not have known about without the camera.

Hidden camera reveals nursing home neglect, lawsuit filed

13 Jul 2011 – Jacqueline Rioux, girlfriend of this dementia resident, is suing the long-term care facility for negligence. The public nursing home [long-term care] in Quebec where her 68-year boyfriend is a resident, walked unsteadily across the room, while an employee in the doorway encourages him to fall.

In French, she says, “Fall, fall, hurt yourself. Then you’ll go to the hospital, I’m fed up with you.”

This kind of attitude must be monitored by staff, and personal support workers (PSW) can be the best advocates for residents. Most PSWs have only the utmost concern for our loved ones. This is why a registry and the regulation of PSWs must be enacted.

While falls are a normal part of some disorders, there are strategies to prevent them. Ask what the protocol is in a facility. My late father had to be belted into his wheelchair. With dementia, mobility issues, and a brain tumour that caused balance issues, we knew he was falling.

But there is a difference between the verbal abuse in this video.

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