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Meals on Wheels and Long-Term Care in Lanark County

Meals on Wheels

Lanark Lodge is the site where meals are prepared for Perth's Meals on Wheels program. Lanark Lodge has earned a high satisfaction rate by its residents.

My husband delivers and dispatches Meals a couple of day a week. We gave a tour of the facilities to Dr. Brian Goldman, of White Coat Black Art.

They have an easier time finding those who will deliver meals, than those who will dispatch. Dispatching takes a great deal of time and organization. Hubby, Joe, arrives around 10 a.m., and doesn't leave until the last meal goes out, about 11:30.
Hubby and volunteers for MOW

Dispatching means that they talk to the retirement home staff, chef on duty, dietician, kitchen staff. Then they determine which meals will be served. Next, the dispatcher stamps each lid with the date, writes on the recipient of the meal tray. One staff member helps volunteer delivery drivers put the meat, veggies, into the trays. They check their dispatch lists, ensure diabetics have the right food, those with food preferences don't have, for example, chicken if they don't like it. Then those delivering take the cooler bags and off they go!

Lanark Lodge, 1967, Municipal Home for the Aged. Lanark Lodge Handbook, 2008.

Many LTC have posted FAQs.
What if I cannot afford semi-private or private rates – will you switch me to a basic room?
Lanark Lodge - where Meals on Wheels, Perth, is prepared.
Any newly admitted resident is not eligible for a change of accommodation level for the first year of residency. The reason for this is that for Lanark Lodge there are shorter waiting periods for private and semi-private rooms. Therefore, to allow early movement could result in the potential for manipulating an earlier admission. However, after one year, application in writing can be made asking for a lower accommodation level, and the resident is placed on a waiting list.

LL is next door to Perth Community Care Centre (PCCC) where I volunteer. PCCC site is 100 years old.

It has changed ownership over the years...
PCCC - I volunteer, friendly visits every Thursday!
Lanark County's House of Industry - 1903
Wiseman's Chronic Hospital - 1948
Tayview Nursing Home -1967
PCCC - 1985

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