Friday, July 29, 2011

Marketing to seniors

Heard an interesting story about the family running across N.A. on a marathon. They were interviewed on CBC by many hosts.

It bothers me to hear them disparage the healthcare system, saying: "'s broken, 'we' don't do enough education, we don't exercise enough," etc., etc. 

Hubby, Joe, visited the FHT in Muskoka, had diet counselling, met with a dietician, lost 30 lbs. The women in his lecture/diet  group were shocked with the caloric content of peanuts, but won't give them up. He gave that up, plus peanut butter. We all have choices.

There is much info out there. I worked with CHAP -Cardio Health Awareness Program and there are many ways to track BP, weight, exercise, but many ignore it as well.

It is tragic that a family like this, with money to burn traveling around Canada/US, able to flog a book based on bashing our heathcare system.

They are fundraising, somehow, but it's not clear if they have a board to monitor this. He is selling a book, too.
I know I have a different viewpoint - but truly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing, fake Facebook people, pretending to be a real person, really bothers me.

I had one SEO marketing dude who wanted me to pretend to me Miss Muskoka, with photos of a cute young thing, while I wrote the blog. Should be illegal! He ended up finding a young journalist student who once lived there to do it remotely, getting money for ads and such. She doesn't live there in Muskoka. Many ads, or Facebook pages, are run by youngsters, who do not understand what it is to be a senior. Especially senior health.

Seniors in long-term care are learning to use a computer, with a bit of tutoring by staff. I heard of several during a tour of PCCC the other day. I was in to volunteer.

They are starting to market things to seniors in the same vein. I keep getting offers for me to post ads on this blog, to post a link for a year for the grand total of $60. Things like Brain Gym, they say helps dementia. Just shifted brain games from kids to seniors. They don't do a darn thing.
Be a smart health shopper.

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