Thursday, June 23, 2011

Seniors overmedicated?

Seniors overmedicalized, experts say

Seniors in Canada are overdrugged and overtested, to the detriment of both their health and the health care system, as billions of dollars are being spent that could more productively be spent elsewhere, several experts say.

  • Pharmacists filled an average 74 prescriptions per year for people aged 80 or over in 2005, 
  • They filled 14 prescriptions per year for all other age groups, according to the latest available Statistics Canada data. 
  • The Canadian Institute for Health Information says that in 2010, about 13% of seniors who took five or more prescription medications experienced a side effect that caused them to seek further health care services.

Among the great culprits is unnecessary preventative medication, McGregor says. “We tend to keep elderly people on medications for prevention purposes, even when there’s no real research that supports doing so.”
Not only this, but testing of drugs doesn't often include those over age 70.

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