Monday, June 27, 2011

OMEGA--Journal of Death and Dying

OMEGA--Journal of Death and Dying
 Issue: Volume 63, Number 2 / 2011
 Pages: 141 - 160
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Coping with the Ultimate Deprivation: Narrative Themes in a Parental Bereavement Support Group
Laura R. Umphrey A1 and Joanne Cacciatore A2
A1  Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff
A2  Arizona State University, Phoenix
Support groups are often used to help individuals cope with challenging and unusual life circumstances through narration. Yet, little is known about specific meta-communication within a support group setting and in what ways these interactions may benefit participants. This study uncovers narrative themes that were expressed during a series of support group meetings specific to bereaved parents. Three central narratives were revealed in the analysis including the death story narrative, coping/negotiating narrative, and connecting through communication with others narrative. This research underscores the vital outlet that the support group serves for participants and the communicative means by which subjective healing can occur.

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