Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LHIN Responsibilities

The LHIN’s mandate with respect to these responsibilities relates to

  • community engagement, planning, funding and accountability.  
The LHIN coordinates 135 services providers. They work with hospitals, LTC, ccac, community mental health & addiction, community health centres, community support and support and services agencies. They are resp. for community engagement with the public, professionals, and coordinating services.The agency I volunteer with does: Meals on Wheels, tranportations, foot care, diners' clubs, home help, home maintenance, grief support groups, resources library, hospice, friendly visiting in hospitals alone. To increase the responsibility of hospitals to turn around and supervise this work, esp. after Every Patient Matters personal experiences, frightens me. It would be the cart leading the horse.
This mandate is carried out in
a region that has a broad diversity of geography, language and culture, and
involves 135 service providers.
Through this mandate the LHIN’s vision is to build engaged and healthy
communities and to demonstrate values of accountability, responsiveness,
respect, integrity, innovation and respect.

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