Sunday, July 24, 2011

Case studies #38 - 47

#38. Just admitted to the Smiths Falls Hospital for tests and management of confusion.  This lovely 92 year old female client is suffering from recurrent TIAs.  She is much brighter since her IV treatments.  She may have been dehydrated.  She is expected to be in the hospital for a few days.  She needs a visitor on Monday and Tuesday to visit her over lunch.  She feeds herself.  A volunteer would be providing companionship, help/encouragement with her meal. 

39. A 74-year-old female client who was re-diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer, 3 days after the recent sudden death of her husband. She wants a friendly visitor, as she is undergoing chemo treatments biweekly in the city and stays with her daughter there for a few days after the treatment. Chemo is planned to continue through to November.

40. A 61 year old female client who has cancer that has spread throughout her body.  She has a growth on her kidneys, in her bowel, lungs and thyroid.  She is in need of emotional support and her husband is in need of respite.  He had triple bypass surgery in the spring.  The client mobilizes on her own and really needs someone to just sit and listen.  

41. A 61 year old female client, suffering from advanced COPD.  She lives alone in her own home and is very weak, having very low energy.  She recently spent 3 weeks in the hospital and is really starting to have a hard time looking after herself.  She is being encouraged to apply for long-term care.  I am wondering if a volunteer can visit her once per week and accompany her and assist her with her grocery shopping.  She still wants to go, however, she moves very slowly and cannot manage the items at the cash.  Please let me know if you are interested in this placement.

42. An 83 year old female client is in need of a volunteer visitor.  She lives alone and is very frail, forgetful (getting her days and nights mixed up), has narcolepsy and back problems.  She uses a cane/walker and gets up to her apartment in a chair lift.  The client is very isolated. 

43. A male caregiver is in need of respite and support.  He is caring for his 78 year old wife who is suffering from a form of Parkinson’s Disease.  The client’s mobility is very impaired and she is very hunched over.  This is a difficult placement as the disease is very advanced and debilitating.  A volunteer is needed to visit once per week for 3 hours to give the client’s husband a break and some support.  

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