Monday, May 16, 2011

Elder abuse

Myths of Elder abuse (Statcan PDF)

Older Canadians who were residing in private dwellings reported very little physical and sexual violence. In fact, only 1% of this population of seniors indicated that they had been physically or sexually assaulted by a spouse, adult child or caregiver in the five years prior to the survey.

Emotional and financial abuse infrequent
Overall, 7% of older adults experienced some form of emotional or financial abuse by an adult child, caregiver, spouse or commonlaw spouse with whom they had contact in the five years prior to the survey.

The vast majority of emotional and financial abuse was committed by spouses. This is a lifelong pattern, and how can we throw money at this issue when spouses married for umpteen years still haven't gotten help? This is something that should have been corrected much before one's senior years.

Many women go back to abusive husbands. Many due to financial reasons.

Senior men (9%) were more likely than senior women (6%) to report being victims of emotional or
financial abuse.
Emotional abuse (7%) was reported more frequently than financial abuse (1%).  The
most common form of emotional abuse reported by seniors was being put down or called names
(3%), followed by limiting contact with family or friends (2%).

The incidents in the news are shocking. But they are far less common than we think.

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