Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aging gracefully, in health

Middle age brings its own issues. Everything needs to be stretched and loosened much more than before. I had been a jogger since I was 15. Took it up at child #3 was born, and lost 30 -lbs., while doing a 7 km run around the block in rural Ontario!

The shin splints from my forties ball-playing years resulted in my limping for weeks.

But, those who speak of living to 100 know not whereof they speak.

We must take better care of us, the media warns, since there won't be many to provide care. But I disagree.

I know many who run or exercise and lifts weights, as I do.

Those of us with injuries have them taken care of properly. Physiotherapy is available, for those with plans, but a little attention, following doctor's orders, goes a long way.

Culture changes, attitudes change, some of us get little respect.
Apparently, Aging isn't an option -- being prepared is;
Good health is considered to be the 'best outcome' for retirement by Canadians about to turn 65
'This is the year when the first wave of Canada's "boomer" generation turns 65, and chances are that retirement is one of the main things on their minds -but it's also something "pre-retirees" should be thinking about too.

Don't they see seniors running marathons? We are participating. I know vets, former WW II paratroopers, delivering Meals on Wheels to those too ill to shop or cook.
We know so much more about physiotherapy, too!

Even bug bites are worse than ever!

Dratted blackfly bites...

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You can never take too many pictures said...

I truly enjoy my Yoga, keeping my tendons, mucles and joints limber and flexible, as well as relaxing my mind and soothing my soul!!!! My teacher is very spiritual so she makes it such a total body & mind workout!!!!! Hope the foot gets back to normal soon. Lots of fun to come with those gorgeous little girls around....