Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Senior drivers - Ontario Bill 97- heads up

A proposed bill, Bill 97, now on hold with the provincial election, would change senior drivers licences. An Act to amend the Highway Traffic Act to create an optional modified driver's licence for seniors.
As with the graduated licencing on Ontario, G1 and G2, this bill proposes that seniors be tested and licenced for city driving, rather than series 400 roads and highways.

It would seem to me that be mobile, able to shoulder check, to speed up enough to get into traffic, to check your blind spot, reaction times,  is not limited to city drivers. And how do we ensure that they stay off of 400 series?

It is not a right to drive. It is an earned privilege and skill, and you must be able to assure the public, other drivers, and your neighbours, that you are safe to drive. This is one of the hardest issues adult caregivers must support. Losing your driver's licence is further recognition of limited independence and time passing.

Carp, in it's lobbying for zoomers, professes to be proactive in this area.

CARP London Chapter participates in a radio documentary that will be of interest to older drivers

In early April, CARP London Chair Don Procop did an interview with CBC Radio to talk about bill 977, an Act to amend the Highway Traffic Act to create an optional modified driver’s licence.  Read more. CARP has long been advocating and lobbying for seniors. I'm not sure it is in our best interests.

There are a great many drivers on the road who should not be. This includes those with suspended licence, no insurance, and there is nothing we can do. Somehow, the rest of us must be protected from this. Driving tests, specifically road tests for those over 80 is not too much to ask. If you have an accident, and you are 80, it might be a sign. Too many adult children are afraid of intervening.

Legislative Assembly of Ontario | Bills & Lawmaking | Current ...

Bill 97, Michelle Krohn Act (Modified Driver's Licence), 2010 ... and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows

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