Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Caregiving - Family Caregiver's Network videos

FCNS has launched a series of short videos on family caregiving on YouTube. Visit this link  to view them. Well done, BC!

Description: This series has been designed for the busy, and stressed or overwhelmed family caregiver. Each video is only 1-3 minutes in length, making it easier for you to view them when you have a bit of time. 

They also hope you'll not only find these educational and inspiring, but that they'll act as a catalyst for you to seek additional help when you need it. 

The Family Caregivers' Network is located in Victoria, BC, Canada. Call us at (250) 384-0408 or find us on the web. The series has been created by Family Caregivers' Network president Rick Hoogendoorn.

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Barb MacLean said...

Thank you Jenn for helping to share the new Family Caregiver Video Series, produced with heart and dedication by our FCNS volunteer President Rick Hoogendoorn.

Thank you too for sharing your journey of caring for both your mother and father through your book and your blog. We learn so much through other people's stories.

Best wishes
Barb MacLean
Executive Director
Family Caregivers Network, BC