Wednesday, March 30, 2011

PSWs need regulation: the four A's of dementia

 This is exactly the reason why we need better training and regulation of Personal Support Workers(PSW). Deaths and staff and residents being assaulted.

There are a great many people who are well-suited to working with those who have the four A's of dementia. Dementia is a difficult symptom of many with different disorders.
Physicians recognize the four A's of dementia symptoms and Alzheimer's disease:

A tall man, Dad required a mechanical lift
  • Anger 
  • Agitation 
  • Anxiety
  • Apathy.

My Dad, at times, showed many of these symptoms.
But he was always treated with dignity and respect.

This 75-year-old man in the story, from the witness testimony, had a history of violence. It is no wonder that something happened. But there are a great many PSWs who can handle people like this. Well-trained, capable, calm, and not prone to responding to aggression with aggression, many have taken the non-violent response, or Gentle Persuasive Approaches in Dementia Care.

This is such a sad situation. This woman can no go and work for any other agency. There will not necessarily be any way to ensure that she cannot work with agitated adults in the future.

We know that symptoms of dementia can be extreme. We need caregivers who can manage such, and we need to trust, as family members, that our loved ones behaviour is controlled.
My Dad with his PSWs

Woman on trial for assault of ‘violent’ 75-year-old in nursing home

An eldercare worker is on trial for assault after an incident at a City of Ottawa nursing home last year in which a 75-year-old man suffered a broken thumb and black eye.
Darlene McGregor pleaded not guilty as the trial on charges of assault and assault causing bodily harm began Monday. The allegations stem from an Feb. 11, 2010 incident at Carleton Lodge, a city-run facility in the south end of Ottawa after which resident John Kearney was taken to hospital with bruises and swelling on his arm and around his left eye.

In another story:
Man, 87, dies after Winnipeg care home assault

The accused, Joe McLeod, had previously been jailed for allegedly assaulting his wife

Frank Alexander, 87, was injured on March 24 during a dispute with another resident, Joe McLeod, 70, at the Parkview Place personal care home on Edmonton Street.
It is alleged that McLeod assaulted Alexander, causing him to fall backwards and strike his head on the floor, police have said.


Anonymous said...

If that man was MY grandfather you'd need a restraining order on me against Darlene McGregor. Maybe she should get a job as a taxidermist where she can't hurt anyone.

Jenn Jilks said...

She has been convicted, with a suspended sentence. This means, at least, that she has a record and cannot work with vulnerable people. I'm with you.
We still need regulation. She should not have been working with this man.

agemattersclinic said...
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