Thursday, March 3, 2011

The news about ALCs is not good

Seniors awaiting care crowd Ottawa Hospital

The Ontario government last built new long-term care beds in Ottawa in 2004.
An estimated 3,200 people in the region are currently waiting, either in a hospital or at home, for long-term care (LTC).
Unfortunately, in LTC physicians are few and far between, and most are not geriatric specialists.
The number of for-profits exceed non-profits, and the care and the food sucks. Simply put.
Geriatricians live in the big cities, and most GPs are not aware of comorbities that preclude particular medical interventions. My Dad, put on a drug contraindicated for dementia clients to relieve his pain drove him batty.

Many are at home, dealing with dementia, a symptom of deteriorating cardiovascular systems and other disorders.

For-profit vs. non-profit LTC
In July, 2008, Ontario’s provincial ombudsman launched an investigation after receiving 100 complaints about the quality of the province’s long-term care. Another 450 complaints came in after the investigation was announced. The report, released in December, 2010, concluded that there were “delays, inconsistencies and lack of transparency in monitoring of long-term care homes.” These findings are troubling in a province where a majority of facilities are owned by private for-profit operators and almost two-thirds of new long-term beds since 1998 have gone to for-profit companies.

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