Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hospice beds $400 vs. $1000/day hospital

LHIN approves more hospice beds

Plan calls for single agency to oversee 39 beds at 9 sites

Eastern Ontario's health authority has approved a plan to more than quadruple the number of palliative care beds in the Champlain region by 2014.
  • Created by a committee of medical professionals and local hospice volunteers 
  • calls for a single hospice agency to oversee 39 care beds at four sites, including Hospice at May Court and another small but innovative hospice program for homeless men at the Ottawa Mission.
  • Ottawa needs at least 66 to 80 hospice palliative care beds
  • The Bruyere centre has 20 beds for acute palliative care patients, who require intensive medical support and another 16 beds for more stable patients.

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