Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dealing with your depression

How big is your pain?
What does it taste, smell, feel like?
These are all ways to honour your grief, which honours your loved one.

You can draw your pain. Paint your pain. Sing your pain. Scream your pain. 

Green for jealousy
Black for fear, grief, terror,
Blue for sadness
Brown for guilt
Orange for nervousness
Yellow for happy

Mental health issues in seniors seem to be the most underdiagnosed issues.

Minneapolis Nursing Home Blamed in Resident Suicide

The Associated Press 
Posted Feb 25, 2011 @ 06:00 PM 

Minneapolis, Minn. — A state investigative report finds a Minneapolis nursing home could have prevented a 90-year-old resident's suicide. 
The woman was found Oct. 21 dead in her bed at the Jones-Harrison Residence. She had tied a bag over her head. 
According to a state Health Department report, the woman's suffocation followed a recent assessment in which she said she was "a failure, or let herself of her family down." 
The report says a nursing home employee said the woman's doctor was not notified about her depressed state of mind. 
Lowell Berggren, the home's president and CEO, tells the Star Tribune the home should have called the doctor. 
A state investigator's follow-up visit found the home had made necessary corrections.

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