Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Case studies # 20/21/22

My late father
20.   She is 80 years old, with multiple myeloma, amyloidosis (abnormal deposition of a particular protein, called amyloid, in various tissues of the body, a result of the multiple myeloma); celiac disease; and edema in left ankle.  A widow, she lives alone, and needs companionship, support and transportation to some local and city appointments if needed. She has finished round two of chemotherapy.  She is very short of breath. This client is very frustrated with the limitations of her disease.

21.    A husband is in need of respite on two mornings a week.  His wife cannot be left alone.  She is 65 years old, with a wonderful demeanour, as is her husband.  She had a stroke, and side effects include  permanent cognitive and physical impairments.  She needs a lot of cuing while she eats, and to perform ADLs.  She uses the bathroom independently when reminded.  She has insulin-dependent diabetes and high cholesterol. 

22. Eighty-four year old male client with metastatic prostate cancer. The cancer has spread to his bones and his condition is palliative. He is bedridden in a hospital bed in the living room and he is catheterized. His wife is the caregiver.

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