Sunday, January 9, 2011

Home support Case study #14

Case study #14

You've been assigned to care for a senior in her home. Recently discharged from hospital, she has requested that your two hours of assigned care includes:
1) vaccuuming her carpet
2) fixing her lunch

She refuses the care, doesn't believe she deserves it, and continues to tire herself out cleaning up before the caregiver visits. Her daughter is at her wit's end, working full time, and attempting to encourage her mother to accept the help, to curb her activities while her body heals.

The daughter, working full-time, is at her wit's end. On antidepressants, her demanding job is frustrating her. She drives 60 km to work, and then drives home at the end of the day. Home Care is designed for individuals, not a family. The daughter moved to care for her parents. Her father is frail, and fighting the return of a brain tumour. Her brother has taken 5 weeks off work to drive the father to radiation treatments a two-hour drive to the city.

The senior continues to make lunch for family, tiring herself out. her generation is used to valuing herself by how much she cares for her family. She stands at the sink, hands shaking from her frailty and her medications, as she creates a meal.

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