Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Long Term Care Services - Ottawa

In Ottawa 15 LTC care centres have had outbreaks of flu. LTC is a dangerous place in flu season. 

Flu outbreak at London, Ont., long-term care facility, health unit ...

23 Sep 2010 ... Flu outbreak at London, Ont.

The City of Ottawa provides 15% of the total long term care beds in the community, below the OMBI median of 18.2; 85% are provided by the charitable, not-for-profit, and private sectors

  • 95% of long term care home residents and their families are satisfied with their homes
  • Ottawa’s long term care beds serve 10.3% of the population over 75, consistent with the OMBI median of 10.2%. This also meets the provincial standard. 
Key Facts
  • Population over the age of 75 in Ottawa is 45,770
  • Ottawa has 28 long term care homes four of which are City-operated
  • Ottawa has a total of 4,698 long term care beds (municipal, charitable, and privately operated)
  • Total number of municipally operated long term care beds is 711
  • In 2005, Ottawa provided 20,658 bed days and 599 community program days per 100,000 persons

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