Friday, December 17, 2010

ERs backed up

Needs of aging Canadians creating ER bottlenecks
Globe & Mail

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Not only this, but ALC patients, also called 'bed blockers', who need a long-term care placement, or more home support, are being forced into going where they do not want to go: to LTC far from home.

Make sure that your consent for admission into a LTCH is regulated by both the LTCHA and Part III of the Health Care Consent Act (HCCA).
  It is up to the person/SDM to choose the homes where they want to apply.  
Valid consent, as defined in the LTCHA, is required prior to placing the person on the waiting list for a home, as follows: 

Elements of consent 
46(1)  The following are the elements required for consent to admission to 
a long-term care home: 
1. The consent must relate to the admission. 
2. The consent must be informed. 
3. The consent must be given voluntarily. 
4. The consent must not be obtained through misrepresentation or fraud. 

Informed consent 
(2)  A consent to admission is informed if, before giving it, 
(a) the person received the information about the matters set out in 
subsection (3) that a reasonable person in the same circumstances would require in order to make a decision about the admission; and 
(b) the person received responses to his or her requests for 
additional information about those matters.

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