Friday, November 19, 2010

Heart health

For what do you hope: today, tomorrow, this year?
Are you enjoying each day to the fullest, no regrets about tasks incomplete, dreams delayed?
Are you loving yourself as much as others love you?


Fact: 41% of all deaths of Canadian women are CVD-related, compared to 37% for men. [Heart and Stroke Foundation.pdf] 

By the year 2015, almost half of all women in Canada will be aged 45 years or over, which means a large contingent will be in the heart-disease- and stroke-prone years. It costs Canada billions of dollars in health care. The quality of life of CVD survivors – the satisfaction of physical, social, and emotional needs and aspirations – is another indicator of social impact. Unfortunately, there is minimal research on this on women (most studies are on men). Visit CHAP, for more information.

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