Thursday, September 16, 2010

Power of Attorney

This is a warning: know your rights in your province or state...

Power of Attorney is supposed to be a legal document. 

Public Guardian steps in

Hospital physicians assessed Dolores Brent's deteriorating mental state, and an administrator from the health authority signed a form declaring her incapable of managing her affairs.
The certificate of incapability, as it is known, automatically put B.C.'s Public Guardian and Trustee in charge of her finances instead of her husband even though she had signed an enduring power of attorney appointing George Brent to look after her affairs if she became incapable of doing so herself.

To summarize the story the government, and health care officials stepped in and took over. The implication is that he P.O.d the care staff enough, as he was frustrated with her care, that they went to court. The province has staked a claim on the couple's home, and money withdrawn from their JOINT bank account to pay for her care.

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