Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lobby groups abound

CARP, as sister of AARP, continues to lobby the government for particular changes. Now, this is not a group that is subject to financial issues. It would appear that members have enough money to know what they want and how to get it.

The survey group does not represent minority groups, the poor, or those without the money to belong to CARP. In addition, AARP provides data that simply does not apply in Canada.
One of the recent survey that CARP published:

The survey in this issue is misleading.

#1 The assumption is that all of us are going to end up requiring 24-hour care. This is certainly not the case.
#2 There are insufficient nurses to provide 24-hour care.
#3 There are insufficient Personal Support Workers to provide 34-hour care. The costs to the taxpayer would be astronomical, even if possible.

I am shocked that CARP would even think of advocating for this. Again, it is the family caregiver and the adult children who will take up the slack, and be forced to meet the expectations of the failing senior. I've been there. Wrote the book.
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