Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quality of death around the world

Everyone is concerned about health care for seniors. It is a global issue.

UK comes top on end of life care - report

The analysis by the Economist Intelligence Unit looked at access to services, quality of care and public awareness in 40 countries

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  • The UK leads the world in quality of death; many developed nations must work to catch up.
  • Combating perceptions of death, and cultural taboos, is crucial to improving palliative care.
  • Public debates about euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide may raise awareness, but relate to only a small minority of deaths.
  • Drug availability is the most important practical issue.
  • State funding of end-of-life care is limited and often prioritises conventional treatment.
  • More palliative care may mean less health spending.
  • High-level policy recognition and support is crucial.
  • Palliative care need not mean institutional care, but more training is needed.

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