Friday, July 16, 2010

Information on the HST in Ontario

Ontario Ministry of Revenue. As you may already know, on July 1st the harmonized sales tax (HST) began in Ontario. 
Seniors will benefit from the measures aimed to help with the transition to the HST:
  • 93 per cent of Ontario taxpayers will get a permanent income tax cut.
  • Eligible senior couples earning less than $160,000 will receive three payments totalling $1,000. Individuals earning less than $80,000 will receive three payments totalling $300.
  • A new refundable sales tax credit, similar to the GST credit, will be provided for people with low incomes.
  • The HST will not be charged on some items, including basic groceries, prescription drugs and medical devices.

For the entire list of what's taxable under the HST and what's not, please visit This list is also available for download, as a free mobile application.

If you are interested in the mobile application, or any other information regarding the HST and how it applies to seniors, visit 
For more information about the HST visit (FR) or (EN).

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