Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another great post from the Emergency Room Nurse:

Blatchford Bashes Health Care and Misses the Point [Part I]

There was something bothering me about this column by the Globe and Mail’s Christie Blatchford, published a couple of weeks ago. It contains the the semi-standard Tale of Woe in Canada’s health care system.

Reading the summary of the story, it is rather sad if it is a reported. 
What a horrible tale, if it is true. I hesitate as I recall reading Ms. Blatchford’s book, “Fifteen Days”, in which she reported, according to a soldier, and she concluded the same, that few coming back from Afghanistan are suffering from PTSD. We discovered PTSD from studying Vietnam vets, I don’t think they have cured this, and she leads many astray.

I think journalists have to stay away from complex issues like this, especially since it is a one-sided, flat story, with none of us being entitled to be judge and jury. It is the Charge…oops, critical care nurse and those on staff who must examine what happened. Having been a chair of a Family Council at a LTC home, I know how wacko some families get. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, and few understand the issues.

I am tired of senior abuse being charged to the system. Incompetence, perhaps, but since the story must be coming from the family (the hospital cannot release info) I know how much having an ill loved one sends a family member over the edge. Staff run around like mad. Most are competent. We never hear the good stories, and we always hear rumours and innuendos. There are many ways to monitor a loved one in a hospital. Being in a hospital exposes one to many complications. Read my post here: Hospitalization for seniors

Many have bedsores – my friend does, and she is paraplegic. She is a sentient, retired nurse on a “special bed”! It is no cure.

Having worked with my mother’s Charge Nurse (through CCAC) I know how hard they work to find homecare before discharge. Mom kept insisting she didn’t need much. There may be a difference between ‘no homecare’ and not enough homecare. That we all suffer, due to no one wanting to pay taxes!

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