Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another excellent post by a Charge Nurse.

Blatchford Bashes Health Care and Misses the Point 

I disagree with some points, however. In rural Ontario there is varied progress in delivering services to palliative seniors.
In Toronto sheer numbers overwhelm.
I also disagree: "If you need to spend your last years in a nursing home, your lot will often be misery and suffering, unless you have money or excellent family supports." Our dear friend, Dolly, loves her later years.
I volunteer in a LTC facility, and they do their utmost to work with the residents. We participate in their lives as volunteers.

They residents would be miserable at home, too. It is no fun being ill, frail, and limited by your body breaking down. This piece just confirms it:

What Broke My Father’s Heart
How putting in a pacemaker wrecked a family’s life

This kind of story convinces me that people need to read my book and understand how to advocate for their loved ones. They must demand treatment plans, and better physician attention.

There are few nurses in LTC. Most of the grunt work done by Personal Support Workers.
The Emergency Room Nurse is right in that taxpayers don't want to pay for better care, but they damn sure demand it. Those with money simply pay for extra care. This is a horrible situation.

I have written long and hard about LTC. Not all LTC is like this. You only see the worst ones sending their folks to emerg, and many quietly pass in LTC. My father had a dignified death in LTC. It was his doctor and the nurses who wouldn’t give him pain meds in the LTC. I wrote about all this in my book. I think that we need to look at what LTC is doing right. There are many facilities that are well-run. They are mostly for-profit (500 or so out of 600 or so).

And they aren’t nursing homes, as nurses are few and far between. We must regulate PSWs, they are the ones in some retirement homes, too, who panic and send a resident to hospital.

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