Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ontario to regulate retirement homes

I think this is good news. The difference between a long-term care (LTC) home and a retirement home is the levels of care, and the Government Acts which apply.
In LTC, you gain the benefit of the Ministry of Health and LTC strict regulations.
In a retirement home you are simply a tenant, and are governed by the Landlord-Tenant Act.
In LTC you have nurses, with PSWs to do the work, in a retirement home, you are susceptible to the whims of the for-profit owners.
In LTC you have a Bill of Rights. LTC Standards

In Ontario, 500+ of our 600+ LTC homes are for-profit, and look at the troubles they face.
The US media is full of horror stories, much more so than Canada, about those who are abused and neglected in both LTC and retirement homes.

There are an estimated 43,000 seniors living in about 700 retirement homes across Ontario.

Recent estimates project the seniors population in Ontario will double in the next 16 years.  In Muskoka they are 15% of the population.

TORONTO — Retirement homes in Ontario would face licensing and regulation for the first time under proposed legislation, the government said Tuesday.
Regulations would enforce care and safety standards, mandate emergency plans and inflection-control programs as well as police background checks for staff.
Residents of retirement homes would also get a new set of rights, including the right to know the true cost of care and the right to live in an environment with zero tolerance for abuse or neglect.

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