Monday, March 15, 2010

Art Therapy with Seniors

Isn't this fabulous? lots of information here! I volunteer with an art therapist with children, but the application with seniors is an important one!


Channel IconArlene Sullivan, Executive Director/President of Changing Images Art Foundation, states, art is "Medicine for the Soul". This short video depicts how art benefits the elderly in long-term care, adult day care and residential communities. Art is common recreational and therapeutic activity provided by many Activity Professionals, Recreational Therapists and Art Therapists. This video was compiled and created by Re-Creative Resources Inc. Pictures were provided courtesy of Changing Images Art Foundation,

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Transcript – Art Therapy With Older Adults, Elderly

Art can help people to review their lives and their therapy by creating and then reflecting on what they have made.
Woman from Senior Center in Georgia: “This is a box about the homes I’ve had. This is our first home when we were married in 19…I got to think…1936.”
And when old age brings losses of people, of home, of health, of mobility…making art can enrich lives and can even lift the weight of depression.
Elizabeth Layton: “You hurt and you hurt and you hurt…and then you go round and round and around…so I can’t stand this so I’ll do something. After a point… My sister wrote and urged me to do something…and she was into drawing at the time and she thought if I were to draw it might help. And everyone said, ‘you don’t look like that.’ But I knew I looked like that ’cause I had drawn it out of a mirror.”
Channel IconThis video tells stories of how some older Americans stay vital through creating, and how some others were helped through art. It demonstrates the many ways in which art therapy can enrich and give meaning to the later years; and can affirm the wisdom and self-awareness that comes to those who have lived a full life, and have developed the capacity to manage a multitude of challenges. Art therapy can also help older adults cope with the inevitable psychological problems that accompany aging, especially when illness and disability have taken their toll.
"I recommend this work to [all] who participate in the treatment of older adults"
Irene Jakab, M.D., Ph.D. Department of Psychiatry, Harvard
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