Sunday, February 28, 2010

PSW Regulation

page 40 Macleans mag, issue Jan 18th

Miranda Ferrier, of the volunteer group PSW, says she's had to "break the news" to PSWs that "they can no longer work (because) their certification is nothing.  There's no regulation." she says. "None."  PSWs have no professional body, no counterpart to the College of Nurses.  New trainees are not required to sit for provincial exams.  The courses are not standardized, and can be taken at either community colleges or private schools.  All this, Ferrier insists, leaves not only seniors, but also their caregivers, unprotected.

"The baby boomers are coming,"says Ferrier.  "We 'need' to be prepared.  And we're not close. " She started PSW Canada as a hopeful precursor to an official college.  But the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council rejected that idea in 2006, deciding Ontario should not be regulated.  "HPRAC also concludes that the closest alternate form of regulation - a personal support worker registry - should not be implemented," the report noted.

Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council (HPRAC

December 9, 2009 HPRAC posts Eye Care Jurisprudence Review A ... HPRAC advises the Minister on whether unregulated health professions should be regulated,

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