Sunday, February 14, 2010

Horror stories: case studies #9

Yes, there are many. But there are stories that touch my heart...

You must read this one, at ~Part#32 True Story From A PSW

Another incredible post. Miranda, PSW Canada, thank you for going in this direction.
So positive, entertaining, enlightening and a teachable moment.Yes, PSWs are human, and have on days and off days. But, as with my hospice volunteer work, you get as much as you receive: ten-fold.
This post not only touches my heart, but gives me the faith that PSWs can educate one another, advocate and improve delivery of services to those who need you.
Excellent post. I send you all a ♥ hug!

The Horror Stories

MyKawartha Article: Caring for those who need care

The time to listen or help a resident make it to the washroom. The time needed to take a personal touch to a clinical job.

A personal support worker has lost her career for going on a $2,000 shopping spree using a credit card she stole from a resident at a North Bay.
And while such videos abound in N.A., when it hits home (Canada)

Global News reported on a hidden camera that shows elder abuse in a retirement home in London.

Help Me: Elder abuse in Canada - CTV News

6 Feb 2004 – The elderly: they are among the most vulnerable in our society. ... Norma Stenson had been living in a retirement home in Brantford, Dec. 22/2009.

Hidden for generations, elder abuse is steeped in myths, presumptions and half-truths. Cutting through this misinformation is one of the biggest challenges facing people who work to protect vulnerable seniors.

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