Thursday, February 11, 2010

High Blood Pressure?

Are you under pressure?
Could you be at risk of high blood pressure and not even know it? To find out, take the Heart and Stroke Blood Pressure Action PlanTM which will identify your risk of heart disease and stroke and provides realistic tips, advice and support to help you prevent or control high blood pressure.

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26 Jan 2010 ... Your kids have now joined you in the growing number of Canadians at risk.
For the past decade, hypertension has been the leading diagnosis for adult
 Mark my words...
Things are going to get worse for the young people who are ignoring health issues.

There are many forums which address health care issues:
October 2009
Patient-Centred Primary Care in Canada: BRING IT ON HOME
College of Family Physicians of Canada
Download Report
January 2009 (released January 2010)
What are the Critical Benefits and Attributes of a High-Quality Primary Healthcare System?
Canadian Institutes for Health Research
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*National Health Expenditure Trends, 1975 to 2009  Download PDF,  Order Paper Copy,  More Details

February 2009 (released January 2010)
The Health and Economic Consequences of Achieving a High-Quality Primary Health Care System in Canada "Applying What Works in Canada: Closing the Gap"
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