Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gravenhurst Seniors' Club

Most of us know the importance of keeping active, both body and brain.

It was my privilege to speak to Gravenhurst Seniors' Club last Friday. What a wonderful group! They do so much work, and they play hard! It was a regular meeting, as well as an opportunity to celebrate member's birthdays.

I spoke to them about some of the topics about which I am very concerned.

Garnet Schenk was kind, and allowed me to speak.
The book is in two parts, the first being memoir, which includes lessons learned:

-gaining access to CCAC support; Red Cross health care aides, and home nursing care for both parents in different settings.

The second section of the book includes the following topics, which she will touch on:

  • questions for patients to ask physicians and oncologists,
  • the difference between dementia and delirium, 
  • the importance of recognizing polypharmacy, 
  • health risks for caregivers and the impact on the family,
  • advocacy for those ill and frequently visiting health care professionals: patient rights,
  • the lack of regulation and training standards for Personal Support Workers and Health Care Aides,
  • advocacy for those at home, long-term care: e.g., demanding a geriatric assessment,
     important documents for seniors: Resident's Bill of Rights in LTC, Bill of Rights in End-of-Life Care, Power of Attorney for Health, Advance Care Directives,
  • the 5 questions families need to answer about medical interventions, 
  • what to bring or do when visiting housebound friends,  
  • what to expect at the end of life.

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