Saturday, February 20, 2010

Financial Abuse of a Senior

This type of case tells us about the importance of regulation and accountability. A PSW, working in a long-term care facility, steals a LTC resident's credit card. She went shopping and, caught by the bank that automatically notices unusual purchases, she was busted. Caught, also, on the video surveillance of two stores, she was doomed to failure. What was she thinking?

Looking after frail, elderly, or disabled adults, I am grateful that the system caught her. The bank phoned the family of the elderly woman, and they called police.

This woman, 24-year old Bobbi-Jo Rose, needs to be on a registry somewhere. She has been given six months house arrest, and then can go out and do the same work again.We know that those who prey financially on those who are vulnerable, could prey on them physically and have demonstrated a lack of values and respect for vulnerable residents. What an horrific story.

The North Bay NuggetPersonal Support Worker steals from seniors' home resident

Court hears worker's credentials will be revoked

A personal support worker has lost her career for going on a $2,000 shopping spree using a credit card she stole from a resident at a North Bay long-term care home where she was working.
"They rely on the caregivers to give them the appropriate care. Most are trusting individuals," said Ontario Court Justice Jean-Gilles Lebel.

"You took advantage of this lady's friendship and  trust, and you ripped her off a few thousand dollars." Court heard Bobbi-Jo Rose, 24, would have stolen more if the bank had not cut service to the card after noticing a string of unusual transactions.
The judge said he "reluctantly" accepted a joint recommendation from her lawyer Geoff Laplante and Crown attorney Sheila Seguin to sentence her to six months house arrest, saying he's concerned about the message that would send to other people in her position.
"Not a bad deal for ripping somebody off for $2,000," he said.

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