Saturday, January 16, 2010

Put your pants on! Case Study #6

 Case study #6

How many mushy movies about benign seniors  comfortably accepting their changing bodily functions with grace. This is not always the case.

Imagine, walking down the hall in a long-term care (LTC) facility. You pass a gentleman's room and hear this dialogue.

'Come on Bob. Get your pants on!'

'I'm not putting on my &*%($ pants. Get the h#ll out of here! Leave me alone.'

'Now Bob, you need to get dressed. It the morning and breakfast is ready.'

'You get your @ss out of my room and leave me alone.'

The PSW very reasonably kept up this dialogue, but Bob no longer had control of his legs, his meals, his residence and his life. This was one place where he had control.

Eventually, the PSW, having been sworn at, cussed out and thoroughly abused, tore out of the room in tears. She had failed at getting this normally nice old man dressed. She knew enough to get some support, though. There comes a time.

She went to the nursing station and told the ladies what had happened. Annabelle was able to speak to Bob.

'Bob, I want to take you down for breakfast but the ladies don't want to see you without your pants on.'

Bob was so very angry and he was taking it out on his caregivers. It is a common story. It takes great delicacy to manage such a person. The PSW, wisely, called in for help.
I used to use bribery with my students. If they sang, 'Oh Canada', I'd reward them with a chocolate or candy.

It worked.

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