Tuesday, January 12, 2010

driving incident

I won't call it an accident as it could have been prevented. An 83-year old ran a red light and killed a mother walking with her baby in a stroller.

A 28-year-old Toronto woman died Tuesday after being hit by a car whose driver ran a red light and plowed into her as she crossed the street with her baby in a stroller, police said. 

"McGuinty says seniors and their doctors should give careful reflection and consideration to when it's time to give up their driver’s licence."

Unfortunately, doctors do not want to be the bearers of bad news of any form. Whether it be realistic information about care, pallitaive care, treatment, or any other information.

One person told her story, and it is a sentiment I have professed for a long time: Senior drivers in the news. 
Read this adult child's story:
When we could not convince our 89 year old mother to stop driving, we spoke to her doctor who ignored our concerns. We asked that he refer her to a neurologist, and that doctor made her take a road test. Thank God she failed it. The decision was out of her hands, and her license was immediately revoked. It took almost a year to get the appointment with the neurologist. We were very lucky there were no incidents before that. Children of elderly parents must get involved, and their doctors must help. A simple road test confirms if someone is capable of driving. Perhaps after 80, all drivers should be forced to take a road test every 2 years. The written test is a joke. Not to say all older drivers are incapable, but it is important to recognize when someone is too hesitant and/or confused to drive any longer.

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