Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Case Study Self-Neglect #1 update

It is the right of those who are ill and failing, to have dignity in their own homes. They have the right to support services, professionals like Social Workers, caregivers, to assist them in ADLs and IADLs. There does come a point when self-neglect, due to failing physical bodies and minds; incontinence, addictions, mental health issues, renders the client unable to determine adequate levels of care standards.

One reporter I spoke to, who has been advocating for seniors, asked if I had gone to the local media. I have not. There are issues of privacy that mean he cannot be named. People, like Dirty George, in Toronto, have no advocates.

It is 'the church' (one of the small, local ones) that is looking after him. He is getting tests in hospital, but they cannot talk to any of us, nor should they. He has a brother and mother who are trying to convince him to go into care some where. The man refuses.

I have been in contact with the local Elder Abuse Network person, Karen Boyer. (A fabulous woman!) She has spoken to the CCAC case manager (who, incidentally handled my mother's case). We have phoned the case manager, as well. They cannot tell us information, due to PHIPA and FIPPA laws,  but do accept the info as we have presented it to them.

There is little to do as the man keep passing their 'capacity' tests, and refuses to move.
There is a forestory and a backstory to it all!

We continue to walk the dog twice a day. The dog is depressed. The man is convinced he will be able to come home. He is off his booze, and on a nicorrette patch.
But at home, disaster awaits. The causes for his situation are still there.
Bills, threats from collection agencies. 

The mattress needs to be replaced. There are pillows with fecal matter, bed linens still sitting in the hallway. I don't know who else to tell, or what to do.

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