Thursday, December 31, 2009

About me

I am a Hospice Muskoka volunteer, having taken the Foundations in Palliative Care Course. Their text, as well as my ongoing personal literature research, is the foundation for my work and my writing on this blog. I receive no money for writing this blog. 
All posts are well-researched, carefully thought out pieces intended to illuminate health care issues. I do not do advertising, despite offers to put ads on for particular products. Any products, books, or services I review are ones with which I am familiar on a personal basis. Any agencies I refer to are public agencies, or those with whom I have direct knowledge. As a retired educator (M.Ed.), I stand by my writing. Some of my posts include:

I am available for presentations to Ontario groups. A writer, researcher and a former teacher (M.Ed.), I have had much experience advocating for my late parents. As a Family Council Chair in my father's LTC home, I ensured that we helped improve the delivery of services to residents. As a Peer Health Educator, with CHAP, I have learned much about senior health.

I have workshops prepared on the topics of
advocating for senior parents, including:
Hospitalisation of seniors
Dying with dignity
Elder Abuse
Dementia vs. Delirium & polypharmacy
Visiting a resident

Caregiving, caregiver stress & support
Long-Term Care in Ontario
Grief and grieving
Disparities between rural and urban care

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