Thursday, November 19, 2009


This is a powerful documentary. I watched it previously on The Fifth Estate: "Where the Women Went". A sad tale of women trying to make ends meet. With the fishing industry collapsing, these women do what they have always done, worked hard at making a living wherever they can find it.

They leave Newfoundland, to go across the water  to work in Nova Scotia. 

See the Google map: Newfoundland to Halifax

Scathing audit says Newfoundland ferry service fails to offer ...
HALIFAX, NS — The Crown corporation operating the ferry service that links Nova Scotia with Newfoundland is ineffective, inefficient and plagued with serious problems, the federal auditor general says in a report released Thursday.

Untrained workers, they work as live-in caregivers for the elderly, the sick, and the dying. This is a difficult issue for those who do not live in the cities or rural areas. Or for those without access to support services. The barriers to Aging at Home are immense for many people.

They have many issues, the first is getting from Newfoundland, going by ferry to North Sydney. Taking shuttle buses for another 6 hours to Halifax. One woman, a paraplegic, is cared for by these women, staying for days at a time. Another woman, with early Altzeimer's Disease, is cared for for two weeks at a time. This is a similar issue to the women brought in from foreign countries, to live with a family and provide care.

We know how difficult caregiving is when we care for our own loved ones. I cannot imagine how difficult it is to leave friends and family to work off of the island. 
Elder care is a huge issue in the world. We are not the only ones with problems. But what are we going to do about it?

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