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Senior drivers in the news

Ontario has some great driving courses. Drive Wise helps correct skills that may be weak. It is, of course, up to adult children to monitor parents who may be risking all of our lives. We have all seen the driver who is invisible but for their hand on the wheel. Some senior drivers may need a booster seat, but it is important and family members may need to speak to the police or family physicians who can order that a driver's licence be withdrawn.

We all get sloppy when performing tasks we have done for many years. I do not measure much when cooking. But driving in not one of those things.
Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades!

With aging and frailty, our bodies do not respond as they once did! I have a bit of a pinched nerve and cannot check my blind spot. It is important to know your limitations. I have had my hubby drive.

With increased limitations to mobility and access to sensory information, senior drivers must be vigilant, and solutions, such as getting physiotherapy, which can help increase their mobility and ability to drive safely.

As I wrote previously in, Senior Drivers in Ontario,
"Transport Canada warns of those in intersections being the most at risk. Current stats, in the recent Ontario move to more severely curtail teen drivers, reveals statistics that demonstrate seniors are more risky than newbie teen drivers."

And an excellent article by a physician:

PHYSICIAN FOCUS: Assessing the older driver

Posted Jul 28, 2009 @ 05:47 PM, By Dr. Janet L. Jankowiak
"In 2004, I wrote about issues surrounding older drivers, as accidents caused by elderly motorists resulting in multiple deaths focused nationwide attention on the subject.

The facts are clear about elderly drivers.

Federal Highway Administration data
  • drivers 75 years and older have higher rates of fatal motor vehicle crashes than any other age group except teenagers.
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
  • drivers 85 and older have nearly twice the number of fatal accidents as those 16 to 19.
Collisions and traffic violations in the elderly population reflect:
  • errors of inattention
  • failure to yield
  • difficulty maneuvering
  • driving too slowly
  • Left-hand turns are dangerous.
The news reports are reverse order of publication.

The Accident Lawyer: Elderly Crashes into a Pole; in Critical ...
Dec 15, 2009 ... Elderly drivers need to undergo tests that will prove whether or not they are still fit to drive ... Dangerous Presence of Senior Drivers on the Roads ... An 80-year old drove into a pole.
Drive Wise provides our seniors with excellent insight
Chatham Daily News - Chatham,Ontario,Canada
In recent months, we've witnessed two near misses and one tragedy involving elderly drivers. The first miss occurred Aug. 6 near Morpeth at Greenview

Will 'dead' be the 'new 75'?
Newburyport Current - Beverly,MA,USA
When not on their case, our outrage is directed at teenage drivers. Fatal teen accidents seem to involve the driver and friends, while the elderly often ...

Tests for over-75 drivers backed
The Republican - - Springfield,MA,USA
The action comes after a spate of fatal accidents recently involving elderly drivers in Massachusetts.

Driving Debate: Elderly hit-and-run case raises question 'How old ...
WHO-TV - Des Moines,IA,USA
Last year, 42 people were killed in a crash involving a senior citizen. Now many people asking what steps are being taken to ensure elderly drivers are fit

Senior drivers get bad rap.
19 Jul 2007 ... Senior drivers are nearly seven times more likely than younger drivers to be killed in a two-car accident.

Man, 76, killed following fiery crash near White City, SK
SASKATCHEWAN - Emergency crews were called to the intersection of the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 48 east of Regina at 5:14 p.m. after learning about a two-vehicle collision that had just occurred there between a truck and a car. [24 MAY 09]

Old Drivers[PDF]
Senior Drivers and Highway Design. HUMAN FACTORS NORTH INC. Older drivers were 1.65 times more likely to be in an accident turning left with no ...

Accidents involving senior drivers climb in Ottawa
Ottawa police say accidents involving senior drivers continue to rise each year and it's time for family and relatives to be more aware of problems ...

Mother and baby injured as car crashes into Danvers Wal-Mart
Boston Globe - United States
Senior citizens should undergo drivers' tests. That is not discriminatory as organizations such as AARP falsely claim. It is common sense, as too many of ...

Police: Elderly Driver Loses Control, Injures 8 - Boston News ...

3 Jun 2009 ... Eight people are injured when a car goes out of control in Plymouth. ... Crowd Had Gathered To See Vietnam Memorial ... The driver of the car was a 73-year-old woman who was dropping her ... A 93-year-old man drove his car into a Wal-Mart in Danvers, Mass., Tuesday, seriously injuring a young girl.

More safety tips for senior drivers
Boston Globe - Boston,MA,USA
When choosing a car, elderly drivers should pick smaller vehicles that ... AARP's entire eight-hour senior driving course is available online for review. ...

Elderly motorists may be put to test
Boston Herald - Boston,MA,USA
By Hillary Chabot and Edward Mason Elderly drivers over age 75 could face ... the safety of our senior drivers as well as other motorists and pedestrians. ...

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