Monday, September 21, 2009

Prepare for dementia?

Dementia burden 'underestimated'
The future global burden of Alzheimer's and other types of dementia has been underestimated, say UK experts.

Well, like H1N1, we simply must be prepared, but this kind of headline mystifies me.

For many they are preventing chronic disease. Seniors are taking better care of their health.
Many are regularly working out, eating better, and many live long, productive lives.

That said, we still need safeguards in place. What I find interesting, are agencies, lobby groups, and societies, believe as unelected ambassadors for disease victims, that they have the right to advocate for clients. I fought bitterly with health care professionals as my parents grew increasingly weak and unable to fend for themselves. Everyone else seemed to know what was best for them and for us as a family.

What people underestimate is the financial, physical, social and emotional stress caring for those with dementia entails. What is best for the client/patient, is not always best for the family. For example, the Altzeimer Society helps victims of this disease fight to regain their driver's licences. Now, if I were a family member I might protest. I have seen senior drivers show much in the way of difficulty in this, retirement country.

Senior drivers do have issues. Erratic driving can be one of them!
Giving up the car keys
Toledo Blade - Toledo,OH,USA
Dangerous drivers can be young, old, or in between, but the problem is commonly ... had been forced to take the car keys away from his own elderly father.

A 70-something pilot crashed into the trees killing himself and his passenger this summer. Now I do not know the age of the pilot in my video, but either way, s/he is taking a chance with my health and well-being, as well as my property. This kind of thing is dangerous, taking to tight a turn. Something about people getting into a vehicle and assuming they are immortal.

And two dead after a float plane crash in Torrance, just north of Gravenhurst. The Globe has reported:
Plane crash victim was Bay Street titan

Jack Lawrence, 75, and his girlfriend died Monday when their Cessna crashed near Torrance, Ont.

"The Cessna 206 float plane crashed in a heavily wooded area at around 3:30 p.m. near Neals Rd., in the village of Torrance near Lake Muskoka, said OPP Sgt. Matt Hanes."

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