Friday, September 4, 2009

Keep Canadians informed

I read an interesting article the other day. US Health Reform - Blame Canada? Published by CARP, I found it supports what I have been writing. I wrote about what I saw was a conspiracy in the US against health care reform, and Shona Holmes (who abused the health care system), and noticed that the lobbying was starting in the US.

Canadian health care has been the subject for the New York Times, "How does Canada's Healthcare System Actually Work? BTW I really wonder why a New York Times article is reprinted on the CARP web site, but that is another issue.

We live longer, have lower infant mortality rates and we have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. We do not have to go to an ER and pay $145 to have a cockroach removed from an ear. This is a story from a woman living in a roach-infested building. I heard it on This American Life, and it was on their Fear of Sleep* show.

The 1984 Canada Health Act makes promises for Canadian public health insurance system: universality, accessibility, portability, comprehensiveness and public administration.

Dr. Michael Rachlis, a respected health care critic, “Canadians don’t need thousands of actuaries to set premiums or thousands of lawyers to deny care.”

Dr. Rachlis writes, "On the U.S. side, 46 million people have no insurance, millions are underinsured and healthcare bills bankrupt more than 1 million Americans every year." This is not so in Canada. All have free access. ( Click here to read Dr. Rachlis' article on the CARP site.)

American health care is predicated on the DSM-IV, the bible for the insurance companies that either accept or deny claims. It is often quoted in Canadian Health publications, but it really should not be! It has had a series of revisions and iterations, and is currently being revised for DSM-V, but I know there are claims that the DSM is shaped to help pharmeceutical companies define particular disorders to aim at as targets.

I think it high time we examine what information is being presented in the media. As I wrote on my reflections blog, Accuracy in the Media has been difficult to find. We must examine what lies and libellous claims are made by those who lobby and spread information that does not pertain to Canadians. We must protect those easily influenced from carp. We need reliable information, and must sift on-line and print for such crap that people produce for the almighty dollar.

*This American Life
... Mike's story and other reasons to fear sleep, including roaches, bedbugs, "The Shining," and mild-mannered husbands who turn into maniacs while asleep. ...

Canada's Health Care System (Medicare)Provides links to various topics related to the Canada Health Act: overview, administration, federal contributions, annual reports, provincial and ...

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In principal, mental health diagnoses can be helpful to clinicians and researchers in their formulation of treatment, research and communication with other professionals. Unfortunately, the DSM has been shaped by economic and political influences rather than by scientific and medical ones. The DSM assigns diagnoses in a biased manner, resulting in more harm than good to our patients, their families and society at large while delivering huge profits to pharmaceutical companies. Women, children, minorities, lower income and older people are the groups most likely to be negatively affected by the biases presented in the DSM. Nola Nordmarken MFT author Zur Institute