Wednesday, September 16, 2009

American health care

I am so amazed at the controversy. I posted a message with my FB friends, as one was protesting the health care controversy in the US. She felt that the system, as they propose it, is terrible.

I heartily disagree. Health care in Canada the the UK is not perfect, but for every dollar you spend on health care, and prevention of chronic disease, you save many at the other end of life. Please read my blog about it.

"Jennifer, you don't understand. I supported the HCR as it stood originally. But now that our Senate budget committee has gotten a hold of it, it no longer has any teeth. They have removed the public option and are now requiring that all Americans purchase health insurance from PRIVATE health insurance companies, with no other options! The health insurance and drug industries actually LIKE this bill. Unless this bill goes through some MAJOR overhaul before it is passed, I CANNOT support it as it stands."

Another person responded:
"It's definitely not what we wanted, but there are political realities about what kind of bill can get through Congress. Maybe if we get a little bit now, we can get more later when people realize that, no, there really aren't "death panels" as part of heath insurance reform."

"There is not a public option, true. There is the non-profit co-op included, plus government subsidies for those who need help paying for it."

I disagree. Either health care for all, or not. If you have the extra money for insurance, then pay it.

It would appear that big business, the pharmaceuticals and the insurance companies win again. The whole purpose of health care is to ensure that no one is turned away from a hospital. That those who cannot afford an insurance plan have basic medical needs met. It means that insurance companies cannot force someone to go bankrupt. How many times have we made a house insurance claim, or any other insurance, and had our claim denied. They are in the business of making money, not spending it. Drug companies are in the business of selling drugs.

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