Friday, August 14, 2009

US Health Care Reform

American Health care reformation is getting a beating. I cannot imagine how and why they think the system will fail their seniors. Our seniors are NOT being euthanized in Canada.
I think President Obama administration's goal of covering millions of uninsured is a fine one. How, in such a country as the US, could they not provide health care for all? Why can the working poor, who cannot afford to pay for health care on an income of $22,000, be denied such? The rich who can fear having their health care limited can purchase health insurance, as can anyone with money.

This is not what happens in Canada. The rich can pay for private care, should they wish to do so. Failing seniors are guaranteed support in their homes, in retirement homes, and in publicly-funded long-term care, but they can also pay to stay in privately run homes, should they choose.

We do not ration palliative care, despite shouts to the contrary. We have a terrific system of Hospice organizations which provide extra support for families. You can hire private nurses if you have money. I am really confused with the lobbying against having all persons, in such a wealthy country, being promised universal health care.

The headlines are simply shocking to someone who recently buried both of her parents. They had access to the health care they needed. We were free to hire extra nurses, or health care aides (which we did in my late father's retirement home). Mom died at home, which was her demand. She was riddled with cancer.

My father died in long-term care, where I sat with him over night. The story is in my book, Living and Dying with Dignity: A daughter's journey through Long-Term Care .

Both sides mobilize for health care town hall meetings
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee,WI,USA

"I feel like this is the beginning of the end for our country!" she said. "They will start to ration senior care." She went on to complain about God being taken out American life, growing U.S. debt to China, tax increases, illegal immigrants and the lack of a national photo ID requirement."

The article goes on to quote a Dominican nun, Stella Storch:

'She expressed concern that e-mail campaigns were misleading Americans with "trigger words" such as socialism, rationing and Nazism.'

How to Cure Health-Care Reform- Fox News -video

Obama's Senior Moment
Wall Street Journal - USA
Virtually every European government with "universal" health care ... Or pay for a hip or knee replacement for seniors, when palliative care might cost less? ...
Palin Defends "Death Panel" Critique
CBS News - New York,NY,USA
Is it any wonder that senior citizens might view such consultations as attempts to convince them to help reduce health care costs by accepting minimal ...
Healthcare Reform will not meet Obama's August Deadline ...24 Jul 2009 ... A Community for Healthcare Reform ...

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