Saturday, September 5, 2009

Independence and exercise

We know how to extend our lengevity
Elderly Info 101: How to help the elderly keep their independence

The best way to keep one's independence is to keep active. My cousins, who spend winters in Arizona, but live in Saskatchewan, brought this game to Muskoka.

OUTDOORS MUSKOKA — Pickleball craze hits Muskoka

I am in my 50s, but my cousins are in their 70s. Avid tennis players, they keep active and are very healthy. I am not surprised that they are so active. I used to see them power walking all the time, or jogging into the post office when up here at their cottage.

Pickleball - Wikipedia is a sport similar to badminton and tennis. It involves playing on a court with the same dimensions as a badminton court with a hard paddle.
The game is played on the pickleball court that is the same size as a badminton court (20 feet wide by 44 feet (13 m) long). The net is set at 36 inches high at the outer edges and 34 inches (860 mm) in the center.

According to the USA Pickleball Association, the name came from a family dogexercise named Pickles who would chase after the balls and then hide them in the bushes — Pickle’s ball was later shortened to pickleball.

Senior Living - Pickleball 30 Mar 2009 ...
Pickleball, played with a hard paddle and perforated plastic ball, a game similar to badminton and tennis, began as a backyard family game in 1965 on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

What a hoot! I have blogged previously about how many Visitors to Long-Term Care homes have the opportunity to play Wii with the residents (the previous post was about things to do when visiting). I have yet to see anyone use it in the home where my friend resides, but it is there!

The important thing is to keep moving, whatever you choose to do.
The Heart & Stroke Foundation suggests:
One of the complications of chronic disease, and dementia is diabetes. We need to keep the blood flowing.
There are Diabetes risk factor for dementia- they go hand-in-hand. We spend $5.6 million to treat diabetics now, they forecast that we will spend $8 billion by 2013. The thing to do is to exercise, reduce our fat intake.

Canada is 3rd in world for death due to diabetes and at a Palliative Care Conference, one speaker explained that if we can keep healthy, that 50% of these deaths could be delayed or prevented. It costs

  • $1 – 2000 a day keep keep a person in hospital
  • $3000 a day for intensive care
  • $43,000 a year to keep a person in LTC
  • $3000 a year to keep them at home
Canada's Physical Activity Guide for Older Adults (PDF)[ View as HTML] suggests:
  • Endurance activities 4 - 7 days per week
  • Flexibility & stretching daily
  • Strength & balance activities 2 - 4 days per week.

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