Saturday, August 1, 2009

Abuse of Canadian health care

The plot thickens. This woman is now going after OHIP to reimburse her expenses to go to the US, while she jumped the line to get surgery earlier than others waiting in line. She went to her doctor with symptoms, including loss of vision. An MRI suggested a brain tumour, but that wasn't confirmed since she jumped the line and went to the US.

She had the money to fly to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. She had a cyst, not a brain tumour. That is a different issue. She was diagnosed with Rathke's cleft cyst (RCC) in her brain. This is not a tumor and it is not life-threatening. It does, however, threaten her vision. This kind of thing needs to be carefully done.

There is misinformation, dare we call them lies? - about wait times, on CNN. See: article by Julie Mason.

And then there's her lawsuit against OHIP saying the lack of an American type system in Canada is a violation of her Charter of Rights:
Give me a break. She is actively lobbying to not only help prevent US universal healthcare, but trying to undermine our system. Treason, in my mind! As President Obama says, if you want to keep your private plan, go ahead. For those with a household income of $37,000 a year (Kentucky) they could not afford to go to the Mayo Clinic and spend $97,000 like Ms. Holmes did. Really.

In the end, 85% of Canadians are happy. Wait times are getting shorter. Health outcomes in Canada are better. We live longer, infant mortality is lower, there are next to no medical bankruptcies. But, 18,000 Americans die every year from lack of healthcare. What a crock.

Sandwalk, a Toronto biochemist writes:

Shona Holmes and Canadian Health Care

"Shona Holmes is suing the Government of Ontario in order to force it to revise and/or dismantle public health care. The suit [Lindsay McCreith and Shona Holmes/The Attorney General for the Province of Ontario] is being supported by the Canadian Constitution Foundation, a right-wing group that's described here."

Another excellent article on healthcare reform in America by Ted Kennedy, "The Cause of My Life".

Roger J. Newell, "American health care: the view from expatriate who came home", who has lived in both the US and UK and can compare them.

Here is a piece by David Sirota - the wealthy in America are doing all they can to defeat universal healthcare.

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