Friday, July 10, 2009


eHealth Ontario

An idea whose time has come. What with bed closures, 'balanced budgets', at the cost of health care services, and an aging population, I wonder what will happen in the next few years?
The local news is not good, and I am sure not isolated to Central Ontario.
eHealth ScreenshotThe crisis in health and health care is a sad one. e-Health is important for many reasons, yet a complex program such as this has had some press.
And I hope that we can move past the issues. The support is there. The portal will improve rural health care and tracking and delivery of services.

See: Reporter's Notebook: A Good Servant - e-Health in Ontario
Lots of great examples on how we can improve rural health care. The reporter writes:
It was part of a pilot project that was abandoned after the Ministry of Health merged the e-Health program into e-Health Ontario. The presentation has never been made public before. It provides a fascinating glimpse of how an e-health portal could benefit healthcare users.

Series Overview
Mary Wiens talks with Andy Barrie about the need to move health management online.
Should health records be online?
Stephen Strauss spoke to Matt Galloway about the potential problems of an online health system.

1. A doctor uses the system to manage diabetic patients. (runs 5:40) External Site

2. A mother uses the system to check her own health and the status of her diabetic daughter. (runs 1:06) External Site

3. A diabetic teenager uses the system to manually record her glucose levels. (runs :40) External Site

4. A mature diabetic patient uses the system to automatically upload glucose levels and learn more about diabetes. (runs 1:10) External Site

5. A doctor combines the system with his own content management system to view information provided by associations, hospitals, records and devices. (runs 1:25) External Site

6. A doctor uses the system to compare the progress of his patients in a regional context. (runs 1:30) External Site

Find out more about how these files we made public.

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